• Sloss Diagram and Phanerozoic Evolution of North America
    Creation of the Yule marble, near Marble, Colorado
  • Colorado's East Coast: The Front Range, 100 Million Years Ago
    Formation of the Book Cliffs 72 Million Years Ago
Erosion along Colorado's Front Range During the Past 15 Million Years
Colorado Statewide Uplift During the Last 15 Million Years
Pennsylvanian Paleo Satellite View of Colorado 312 Million Years Ago
Development of an Angular Unconformity
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument: Lahar and Preservation of Redwood Tree Stumps

Who we are

     We are a group of scientists and animators based at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our mission is to illustrate basic principles of geology in entertaining and accessible ways. We create digital animations and interactive displays showing the geologic evolution of Colorado and other locations for use in schools, museums, national parks, and by the general public.

Our goals

  • To educate the public about key geologic processes and their impact on society

  • To help the public understand the geologic processes that shape the world through detailed explorations of select areas.

  • To fully integrate 3D visualization techniques into geology education by developing geologically accurate animations and interactive displays.

  • To provide these resources free of charge to educators and the general public.